HOPE Inc., based in Moorhead, MN, specializes in improving the lives of children and adults with mobility challenges. HOPE offers activities, supplies adaptive equipment for checkout, and provides moral support to all HOPE families. It was started in 1992 as a mobility camp and expanded to year-round wheelchair sports and recreation program in 2006 with 5 families offering 2 activities. 

"Everyone deserves the opportunity to play sports and reap the benefits that come along with being part of a team. So many life skills are learned from being part of a team - sportsmanship, learning to win and lose, communication, and teamwork - along with an increase in self-esteem and confidence! We are very proud that our program is family-centered. We have extra adaptive equipment so that siblings, parents, and friends can play too!"
 -Adair Grommesh, Executive Director and Parent

Seasonal Activities

  • Wheelchair Soccer - fall and spring
  • Dances - fall and spring
  • Theater - winter
  • Sled Hockey - winter
  • Bowling - winter
  • Adaptive Skiing - winter
  • Fashion Show - spring
  • Track Meet - spring
  • Baseball - summer
  • Picnic - summer
  • Awards Banquet - summer

HOPE, Inc is  a Paralympic Sports Club. This opens doors for additional state, regional, and national competitions. Contact us for more information.

Equipment Rentals

Check in/out on Sundays from 6:00-7:00 pm.

Come take advantage of this opportunity!  Contact Holly (hollycollom216@gmail.com) or Adair (agrommesh@gmail.com) to schedule rental.  We have bikes, trikes, handcycles, water chairs and more.  Cost is $15 per week or waived if you fund-raise $750.  This part of Hope, Inc has been sadly under-utilized.  With a week to use the equipment it offers plenty of time to use the equipment and to add some extra fun to your week. 

Wizard of Oz

  • We are excited to announce that we will Begin play practices on 9/10!!!
  • Play performances will be on either 11/5 or 11/12.
  • Please send Adair a text (701-866-9002) or an email (agrommesh@gmail.com) by July 31 if you want to sign your child up.
  • In the text or email, please send top 3 choices, how big a part and if they want singing solos or duets.
  • The weekly practices are mandatory since we only hold 6 to 7 practices before the actual play performance.  
  •  As a reminder, children do not need to be able to speak to participate. Every year we have several children who either use communication devices or parents that speak their lines for them.  

Adaptive kayaking

  • Castaway Club 51709 Cty Hwy 31, Detroit Lakes, MN 56501
  • Saturday, August 13, 2016 from 11:00-3:00
  • 30 minute sessions with Tom Barry.
  • Please call or text Judy to sign up!  (701) 388-6315
  • This is a free event!

Baseball and Softball in Full Swing

It's looking a lot like summer at Miracle field on Thursday nights. The crack (or ping) of bats, the slap of leather mitts, and the chatter of baseball can be heard every week. The kids start at 6:00 and a new adult league at 7:00. As with all HOPE activities, family and friends are welcome to join in.

Click here do download the registration form.

Check the HOPE Inc Facebook page for weather-related announcements.

See you at the ballpark!

Providing sports and recreational opportunities critical to the health and development of children and adults with mobility challenges and their families.

Periodic Activities

  • Hayrides
  • Roller Skating
  • Build-A-Bear
  • Clay Your Way
  • ​Zumba