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When you volunteer with us, you help create life changing opportunities for people with mobility challenges.

About Volunteering

Volunteer opportunities are another great way to help. With a variety of programs offered, there may be one or more that interests you.

Being a volunteer can change someone’s life, including yours! For information on becoming a volunteer please contact us.

Join a community of volunteers

Here's what professionals in our community are saying about their experience as a volunteer.

"Volunteering was a really unique way for coworkers to get to know each other outsite the office. it was fun, team-building, hard work, engaging and inspiring"

Kirsten Kealy
Co-Anchor and Producer - WDAY TV

"While we are far from the most talented players on the ice, we may be the ones that have the most fun!"

Alex Steen
Impact Foundation

"Although our struggles on the ice were brief, you realize that for some people, even doing the simplest things can be a struggle and challenge every day."

Bonie Amistadi
Morning Show Radio Host - KFGO

One of the best things is that I had a chance to play hockey with my children. I appreciate the work and effort the volunteers put in to making this a wonderful experience.

Tom Rene

"We've done a lot of fun public events, but volunteering with Hope Inc, hands down, received the best feedback from the team at KVRR."

Emily Welker
Morning News Anchor, Producer - KVRR